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Digital Media, After Effects

A Collection of various digitally created animations, which have been created for a variety of different projects.

Velo Charta

Campaign Werbespot

Poster animation in After Effects

A spot that was part of a competition for the Velo-Charta campaign of the VCS, who advocate for pedestrian-friendly bicycling. The campaign’s subject stemmed from a tuitional project of the Schule für Gestaltung SfG Basel. The ampersand represents a pathway, which, due to its shape, stands for respectful solidarity and for the opposition of a chaotic crisscross.

Hitman Intro

Campaign Werbespot

Poster animation in After Effects

Drawing upon a video game, this intro animation was created for a YouTube painting video of a munny figure. The animation contains dynamically distinctive elements, such as the generous typography and the simple geometric shapes.

Marvel Logo

Marvel Comic Visualisation

Animation with graphic elements in After Effects

The focus lies on the comic world and on the visualisation of typical elements, forms and roles. They are being staged dramatically and animated dynamically. The music draws upon the current Netflix series Daredevil and it serves the purpose of amplifying the dramaturgy of the animation.

DTO Intro

Logo Animation

Textanimation in After Effects

An intro for specific videos which are from the rapper from Basel, Doc the One. The abbreviation DTO, which is bridged by the characteristically red stripe, opens up to the full lettering. The animation is primarily intended for YouTube videos.